Caser ReMoto

The Motorbike Insurance that detects if you have an accident and sends you an ambulance without you having to call
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Caser ReMoto

The first life-saving Motorbike Insurance

Your motorbike now talks to us to save your life. New device which is more practical, smaller and easier to use.


How does it work?

In case of an accident

Imagine that you are driving on a country road and you have an accident. You cannot contact anyone. What would you do? Wait for someone to come past? Think that someone will see you sooner or later? Don't worry, your motorbike will tell us for you.


We use your GPS location to find you

Every minute counts. That is why Caser ReMoto is capable of automatically detecting a crash and urgently sending our emergency team to your GPS location.


We send you an ambulance

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are able to send you an ambulance at any time, wherever you are. And you don't have to do a single thing. Because the best help we can offer you is the help you can't ask for yourself.


Dispositivo ReMoto

New ReMoto Device!
More practical, smaller and easier to use.


Sin instalaciones

No need for installations
It is attached to your motorbike and connects to your mobile.



We only look at your GPS location in the event of an accident



With 100% biker benefits

Moto de sustitución

Motorbike replacement

Cobertura a acompañantes

Passenger cover

Asistencia Sanitaria ilimitada

Unlimited healthcare*

Indemnización de casco y vestimenta

Helmet and clothing costs

Grúas Moteras

Motorbike tow vehicle**

Talleres de Libre elección

Your choice of garage


* In over 1,500 approved centres in Spain.
** Subject to availability.



How much does Caser ReMoto cost?

Contact us for your very own customised price.

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